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Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 45

This week was super rushed and full of visits to make. We visited Vera and found out that she has already started the process to get married with Macário. Even though it will take a few weeks due to the difficulties with the papers and everything she´s making progress. On Friday they made a really good churrasco for us.

Beginning on Tuesday we tried visiting a young man that went to church the last Sunday. His name is Alexandro and he said to us, "I really hope my mom lets me be baptized!" However each time we tried visiting they always sent him out to tell us that they were either sick, not at home, or busy. Unfortunately they really had no desire to learn more even after we talked with them.

Lurdes was a sad visit of the week as well. She had missed church the last Sunday and didn´t come this one either despite our many invites and encouragement. We were puzzled because she´d already been 3 week ago and had loved it. We saw another example of the type of investigators that only investigate until they get the blessings they were searching for. In Lurdes case she was hoping to find a job and after she had accepted us, gone to church, read the Book of Mormon, prayed about it and received an answer, she was able to find a job. Unfortunately then she thought that that was enough and she stopped investigating, placing everything else as a priority before her testimony. It makes us sad when people get answers, the Lord blesses their lives, and because life is good, they forget about their baptism and decide they don´t need Him anymore.

Starting on Wednesday it began to rain and didn´t stop until Friday morning. We visited our recent convert Natacha and she showed us what she had posted on Facebook after her baptism: "I had a really special Sunday! Some time ago I met these two young men, that showed me a new way and taught me many things. This Sunday was really important, I was baptized. I thank God for everything! I thank them for showing me what is right. And I even got a special dinner, American pancakes made by an American!" We had done a Family Home Evening with her family and a member and I taught them how to make pancakes. We were very happy with how firm she was.

During the week we concentrated our efforts with a young woman named Agatha that had also been to church a few times with our other recent convert, Lucas. Her parents were pretty hesitant for a while but with the encouragement and support of Lucas´ family and us, they decided that Agatha would be able to decide for herself if she wanted to be baptized our not. She had been reading the Primary´s Book of Mormon picture book that I´d given to Lucas and had really enjoyed it.

We got to know another family due to the missionary work Lucas was doing. Marlaine and Jonathon have 6 kids and their middle son had woken them up at 7 o´clock for 2 Sundays already, telling them that he needed to get ready so he could go to church. We taught them the Restoration and the Book of Mormon, which they understood well and loved.

After a very tiring Saturday, we came home to a water shortage, apparently the pipes on our street had burst due to high pressure.

On Sunday we had a super busy day. Before church we coordinated all the rides with the members to pick up all of our investigators. Silvana´s family came in a small bus and as you can see, it was quite packed:

What I loved the most is that every Sunday, this family brings their friends as well so we get to know everyone in their neighborhood! Natacha had made friends with the Bishop´s daughter so they came to church together. During Sacrament Meeting we had 7 confirmations, so many that the Bishop cancelled the first talk. After church we had the baptism of Silvana´s oldest son, Jonathon, who is 16. He loved the Young Men´s organization and woke up early to make it even though he had gotten home from work late the night before.

Later that day we had the baptism of Agatha, who had decided to be baptized and had spent the whole week trying to decide on the best dress she could wear to her baptism. After Élder W. Silva baptized her, we both sang a special musical number. We then did a Family Home Evening with her and her family.

Then today, Monday, we woke up to no running water still, and one of the biggest rain storms I´d ever seen. I thought that a hurricane was passing through. Later in the day when the rain finally stopped, we found all the gutters like the one below. There had been so much water that many of the drains had been eroded out and part of the road sunk:

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