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Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 71

What a busy week, last Monday I had to say goodbye to many families in Lagoa Vermelha. It was sad to leave so many recent converts, Bishop Melo, the members of the newly formed ward, and investigators but I was excited to work in a new city after 6 months in Lagoa.

Bishop Melo
The family of Waldomiro, Zilda, Rejane, Gisele, Regina, Yuri, Anderson, and Iasmine
Recent converts: Elisandro & Almeri (left)
Members: Rui & Gorety (behind)
On Tuesday I was transferred to one of the most beautiful cities in the mission: Canela. I absolutely love this city because it's a turism city just like my hometown. When I got here they still hadn't packed up the Christmas decorations so I got to see how thoroughly they decorated their streets and parks.

I'm now living with 4 Americans! It's the weirdest thing ever but we're the only house in the mission with only Americans. I actually prefer at least one Brasilian because I always have questions about Portuguese.

There weren't a lot of investigators when I got here so this week we met a lot of new people and began teaching many families. My companion and I also focused on building a strong relationship with the members and gaining their trust. We had a great start and then yesterday it really worked out when we had 12 investigators at church (6 of ours and 6 from the other companionship). All the members were shocked and told us how it had been such a long time since they'd had so many new people at church. We told them that they'd better get used to it because this coming week there would be a lot more than 12.

For this coming week we have 4 baptisms marked and the other companionship 2. In the entire last transfer there were 4 baptisms in the ZONE (7 areas). We're here to make a difference and build up the church!

The Cathedral in Canela
Reasoning with Santa

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