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Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 93

Recently it has been very cold here in Canela. Even though the temperature has hovered around the low 30's (°F) it has felt much colder due to the humidity. Even though we used sweaters and many coats, it seemed like the cold humid wind reached our bones. For the first time in a few years there was frost on the ground in Gramado and Canela a few mornings. Everyone was crazy to see snow because it's so rare here.

On Tuesday we got to know a new family that was a referal from some recent converts baptized almost a year ago. This couple has had many problems in the past and because of their trials have become humble and eager to seek the Lord. When we visited them the second time they told us how their house had changed so much after a simple prayer we'd said our first visit. Everyone was able to sleep well, their house appeared brighter, and they had success in selling one of their cars. It's incredible how much the Lord blesses those who listen to and follow His representatives, often immediately.

On Wednesday we taught a sadly misguided woman. She couldn't understand why she couldn't drink tea. She said that it doesn't matter what we eat and drink, God loves and accepts everyone how they are. She told us that our church could have so many more followers or members if we just allowed everyone to drink what they wanted. After we testified of the gospel truths and left, Lucas, Élder Ferreira, and I discussed the lies that Satan had used to so skillfully blind this woman. If the Church allowed it's members to do what they pleased, it wouldn't be Christ's church, and it would have just as many followers as the Catholic church! This woman didn't understand that our purpose isn't to bring as many people as we can into the church, but to invite all to come unto Christ and enjoy eternal life. Eternal life isn't free, it 's price is our obedience to and faith in the commandments of the Lord.

This week we had a meeting with President Campos. He emphasized the importance of the Book of Mormon in his training and established a new rule: effective immediately, all missionaries will walk with a copy of the Book of Mormon in their hands. We've already seen the difference. We're more focused on our purpose and we talk with more people that we pass.

This was the last week of the transfer and so a few of the members invited us to eat dinner with them. One of them made churrasco for us.

An abandoned house caught fire Sunday afternoon:

This weekend there were many tourists visiting with hopes of seeing snow as well as taking advantage of the Valentine's Day weekend.

I received the call I was expecting Sunday night that I would be transferred. After 4 transfers in Canela, I will go to my last area in Ala do Vale, Gravataí. I said goodbye to my recent converts as well as a few members.

President Felipe

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