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Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 96

This week was incredible. We worked so hard that the members took note of it and we gained a lot of their trust. Yesterday during Fast and Testimony Meeting many members used experiences they'd had when they came with us, or when we taught their neighbor or family member. I had the opportunity to bear my testimony as well, the last Fast and Testimony Meeting that I'd have in Portuguese.

I became sick on Monday and because of that we weren't able to work on Tuesday either. Wednesday was the leadership meeting so we were only able to get working in our area Thursday. Even still, the Lord blessed us immensely in guiding us to his elects.

During the week we saw much progress in Elias. He's read until Mosiah in the Book of Mormon, he got a suit and I gave him one of my white shirts to wear on Sunday, and he fasted with us for the first time this weekend. What was also very surprising is that when we taught him about Family History and gave him the pamphlet to fill out we came back the next day to see it completely full of the names and dates of his ancestors. The best part is that he's got all of this information memorized!

At church we brought 7 investigators to church, more than the members had seen in a long time. The best part is that 4 of them already have a date to be baptized this coming week! I was very grateful because all the sisters in the Relief Society worked together to make them feel welcome, sitting with them and accompanying them from class to class. Elias was confirmed and sustained to receive the priesthood this coming week.

We're feeling very good about the work we've done so far with the Lord's help. We've dedicated ourselves to talk with everyone and we're doing 50 contacts per day. The members trust us a lot and consequently help us very much and are introducing us to their neighbors and family members who aren't members.

Here are a few pictures of the view from our house every morning:

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