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Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 68

On Tuesday before leaving Lagoa Vermelha we held a baptismal service for Bruno and his friend Adriel. Even though we had to wait a bit for the font to fill up it was great.

Bruno and Adriel
After the baptisms we took a bus to Passo Fundo (2 hours away) and spent the night with the Zone. Then at 3:30 in the morning we grabbed another bus and traveled to Porto Alegre (4 hours). When we reached the headquarters of the mission we were met by half of the other zones in the mission. On Wednesday was the mission's Christmas devotional. It was pretty chill and I was able to see many of my past companions and friends.

Élder W. Silva
President Campos
Élder Andrade and Élder Berlim
The mission's Christmas tree decorations
Élder Diamond
Élder Burgos
Élder Lopes
When we got back to Lagoa Vermelha on Thursday we visited Boa Vista and to our surprise Lenai, Eduarda, Paloma, and two others had left the Lar da Menina (orphanage) and returned to their home and parents, Maria & Elisandro. Everyone was happy and we shared our message of the Restoration. After my companion taught about the First Vision I felt impressed that we should sing. It'd been ages since I'd sang during a lesson but I took out my mini hymn book and turned to the first hymn that came to mind: Que Manhã Maravilhosa (Joseph Smith's First Prayer). I know we didn't sing well, and it was nothing compared to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but the Spirit was there in the room and that's what mattered. As we ended singing acapella another thought came into my mind, "invite them to be baptized now." So I did just that and Maria who was smiling and sitting anxiously on the very edge of the couch practically jumped up when she said yes. The Spirit was strong and I was thankful we'd followed the guidance of the Spirit during our visit.

On Sunday we had a good amount of investigators despite the holidays and everyone traveling out of town. They all have potential to be baptized this coming week.

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