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Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 66

We worked a lot with Waldomiro´s family this week. They are relatives of Almeri & Elisandro and so we often visited the family with them. A few of them had problems with smoking and drinking but with the Lord´s help they stopped very quickly. Waldomiro is the father and is married to Zilda, and they have four children: Rejane, Giseli, Regina, and Anderson. Rejane lives with Alex and together they have two children: Yuri and Iasmine. Rejane and Alex want to get married and so we´re helping them with the process. This weekend we baptized Giseli, Regina, Yuri, Zilda, Waldomiro, and another woman named Felomena.

One time as we visited Waldomiro´s family we were teaching about the Book of Mormon and seeing how much they´d read so far. We were helping them understand what they were reading when Alex came in to join with us. Then he told us how he´d read the first 4 chapters and he blew us away with his understanding of what had happened in these chapters. In my whole mission I´d never seen someone understand so much of it like he did. He told us how there was a prophet that took his family out of Jerusalem and then sent his sons back to grab the plates from the king so they could preserve their record. He was really touched how the last thing Nephi wanted to do was to kill someone as he had to the wicked king. But following the whisperings of the Spirit he slew the king and put on his clothing as to deceive the guards. Rejane told us how Alex was at home one night and began reading the Book of Mormon. He didn´t put it down which surprised Rejane because Alex doesn´t like to read. Then their cute little daughter Iasmine came up to him and asked him if he´d read "about God" to her before putting her to bed.

On Saturday they were interviewed and as the Élder that interviewed them left the house he said, "Man, I hate saying goodbye to families, there´s always such a good feeling there." We also prepared another woman, Felomena, to be baptized with the family. She was a referral from a member. Elisandro baptized all 6, which was the first time that he was able to use the priesthood he´d recently received.

On Sunday after church the Bishop came up to us and said,"Why were there only 6 baptisms today, it's too little! The day that there are 10 baptisms, there's a barbeque at my house for you guys." He is one of the best bishops I´ve known on the mission.

Giseli, Regina, Yuri, Zilda, Felomena, and Waldomiro. Elisandro baptized all 6!
Daughter of the couple we´re helping get married drinking Chimarrão.

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