I am serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Brazil, Porto Alegre North Mission. I post on this blog every week, so check it out to hear about my life as a missionary!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 65

We had 2 baptisms for this week but unfortunately they didn´t come to church. However, we had 14 of our other investigators that came to church and loved it. A majority of them have baptismal dates set for next week.

Last Sunday Almeri & Elisandro had taken us to a family member´s house and we´d had a really spiritual lesson with them. They all came to church yesterday and loved it all.

On Saturday we helped Almeri´s sister, Leomara, that was baptized the same day, with her new house. Élder Reis and I don´t know a lot about laying bricks but we did our best and with the help of a few professionals we got a lot done. I love being able to serve others on the mission and especially those whom I´ve baptized.

This is my attempt at making tacos. In Brazil there are few people that enjoy hot foods like they do in Mexico, so it was hard to find a few of the ingredients.

During the week we met a woman that had been baptized 14 years ago when she was 12. However, she hadn´t been confirmed for some reason and she came to us telling us that she wanted to be baptized again. Miracles happen when you work hard!

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