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Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 64

What a great week, the hard work we´d done during the transfer paid off this last week. Last Saturday Almeri and Elisandro were married and baptized along with Almeri's sister Leomara and neice Thalia!

On Sunday, three more of our investigators were baptized, Simone, Andrei, and Ritieli. The bishop said to us during the week, "If you guys baptized more than 6 this week, I´m going to give you guys a barbeque!" He's 100% missionary work and that has helped us out a lot. Bishop Melo was very happy with the wedding ceremony and first 7 baptisms of the new Lagoa Vermelha Ward.

Andrei, Simone
 We witnessed many miracles during the week, with our investigators feeling the Spirit so strongly that they wanted to be baptized right then and there. Sunday afternoon Almeri and Elisandro called us up and told us how her friend had gone through a lot of suffering and had been hearing about all the good that had happened with the newly married couple. She told Almeri that she wanted the missionaries to visit her and wanted to be baptized, because she was tired of suffering and wanted to change her life. She is already married legally and her husband used to drink every single night, but recently he broke his leg, and hasn´t been drinking for 15 days straight. The Lord works in mysterious ways! We visited them and marked 5 baptisms for the 6th of December. I´m so glad for this opportunity Élder Reis and I have had to serve here and know that the Lord wanted us here for a reason. I love the opportunity to change that baptism gives to everyone.

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