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Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 16

Well summer began just a few days ago! Last P-day my companion and I set up a Family Home Evening with a less-active family. While there we got to feed their parrots! We were quite excited to do that. We shared a message with them about how the 12 apostles, the Prophet, and the Priesthood makes up the foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During the Great Apostasy, many people picked out principles that they liked from the Bible (i.e. baptism, tithing, etc.) and constructed a church out of it. However, we have the fulness of the gospel (ALL the principles) today and can enjoy the blessings of continued revelation. This is just one of the many examples that shows how much Heavenly Father loves us and desires to bless our families. To our surprise and excitement, this family is now going to church and holding FHE on their own!

Pamela, one of our investigators, is making leaps and bounds in her progress. She devours everything we teach her. We´ve seen such a change in her this week. Before, she sat silently listening, but now she actively participates, being motivated by the results of her own progress and is excited to learn more. We´re constantly surprised by how close her beliefs are to the church´s standards already. We know she has been prepared by the Lord beforehand. Keeping her commitments and doing her best to be prepared to be baptized, she is now down to only 2 cigarettes per day and has stopped drinking coffee and wine! She told us how what we promised is coming true: she is feeling a difference in her life because of her efforts to follow the Lord´s commandments. She is feeling the increased sensitivity to the Spirit. I was so happy when she told us how she went to the store and told the cashier that she was buying her last pack of cigarettes from him. To that he and her friends responded with their disbelief, but she replied confidently, "Just you watch, I will be a Mormon yet."

We´re very excited to Skype our families this coming Thursday for Christmas, it´s been 4 months since I left them and 8 for my companion. Merry Christmas and I hope to hear from you all next week!

Elder Joseph Andrew
Porto Alegre North Mission
Caixa Postal 13008
CEP 91010-971
Porto Alegre-RS

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