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Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 13

This week had mixed success. We lost some investigators that didn´t have the desire to change and follow the example of Christ, but we also helped others to set dates of their baptisms! One of our best investigators struggles with worshipping saints (idols), and despite everything we tried to help her with she still made the decision to continue even though she had made such amazing progress. It reminded me of an addiction to drugs/smoking, and how hard it is to change. You have to have faith in Christ´s atonement to change. That´s the only lasting way to give up a habit or addiction is to turn to our Savior.

On a happier note, we set a date for this couple to get baptized on the 14th! They´ve made such wonderful progress and have been prepared by Heavenly Father to receive our message. They´re open, humble, and thirsty for what the gospel can do in their lives. It refreshes my own testimony to see their´s grow. 

On Friday we had a special Zone Meeting. We got mail (thanks to both my grandparents and cousin Kate!), and received instruction straight from Church headquarters. As Christmas approaches, they´ve come out with some exciting events that comprise their goal to have everyone in the world hear about the Church by Christmas. We were given special pass-along cards that we are to hand out for all our contacts, and informed of what the Church has lined up this coming month: They´ve already opened a new site (for us it´s natal.mormon.org but for the states I imagine it´s christmas.mormon.org) that has a new video called "Ele é o Presente" (He is the Gift). This video is now being played and promoted at all Visitor´s Centers across the globe, spread across all forms of social media including Facebook and Twitter, will be promoted at Times Square in New York on the big screen, and on December7th, this video will be the only announcement/advertisement on YouTube! The first thing everyone will see will be this video. We´ve been trained to share it with literally everyone we come across. Every contact, lesson, and conversation will be connected to it. I challenge all of you to do the same. Share it on Facebook, show it to your griends, join the Church in spreading the meaning and purpose of Christmas to the whole world. As the video itself says, Discover the Gift, Embrace the GIft, and Share the Gift.

I know the Church is true. I wouldn´t be in Brazil if it wasn´t. I wouldn´t want to be anywhere else but here for this Christmas. Jesus Chirst has broken the bands of death for us, He was sent to this world by our loving Father in Heaven to bring us back. Now let us show our gratitude by sharing this with everyone. (John 3:16) Have a wonderful week and good luck in your Christmas preparations!

Elder Joseph Andrew
Porto Alegre North Mission
Caixa Postal 13008
CEP 91010-971
Porto Alegre-RS

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