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Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 79

This week was pretty rushed because we had a meeting in Porto Alegre and then later a Zone meeting with Caxias and President Campos. During the week we were able to meet many new investigators and continue having spiritual experiences with the investigators we already had.

When we visited Micheli for the first time this week she surprised both of us by coming out and saying how she'd read the Book of Mormon, prayed, and felt that it was true. We hadn't even asked! She then told us how her mom had read a part as well. She traveled during this last weekend and so during our last visit we asked her if she was going to take the Book of Mormon with her. To our surprise she showed us her backpack and pulled out the book, she was already going to take it with her.

Carol impressed us with her grasp on the workings of the Spirit. One evening we went to her house and after reading a part of the Book of Mormon with her, her brother Gabriel (was baptized a month ago) asked us how the next prophet is chosen. We then explained how God chooses the next prophet and that the 12 Apostles come to know of His will through the Spirit. Then Carol made the connection by saying, "Oh, so they know who is to be the next prophet in the same way that I felt that the Book of Mormon and Church are true!"

Suana also impressed us by starting on the Personal Progress program in the Young Women. She told us how as part of it, she will teach us about faith this coming Tuesday by preparing a lesson. We're excited to see this. She was also confirmed yesterday.

The best part of the week was when we contacted a man named Felipe. He is 33, single, was living in another state close to the capital, had moved to Canela 10 days ago, and had moved because of his boss who is a member. When he had been studying in college he'd made friends with this member. After 3 years of studying together his friend went on a mission. Then when he got back he decided to do his business in Gramado. Felipe is an engineer and designs very high quality hotels and decided to come with him. Out of curiousity Felipe finally decided to check out this church and attended in Gramado last week. He told us how he'd been raised Catholic but that he'd never liked it because they just went to church, listened to someone preach, gone home and that was it. He'd had a great thirst for more. So he told us how he'd really enjoyed himself last Sunday because there were classes where everyone could ask questions and learn more about the scriptures and gospel of Jesus Christ.

We taught him about the Restoration and after explaining it in detail we gave him a Book of Mormon. At the beginning we'd asked him what he'd ask Christ if He was there in the room but he didn't know what he'd ask. However, after we'd taught him he said, "Now I know what I'd ask, I'd ask the same question that young man Joseph Smith asked." We all felt the Spirit strongly and at the end Felipe said the last prayer. In his prayer he asked that God fill the hole he felt in his heart and let him know if our message, and consequently this church, was true.

The next day, Sunday, we talked with him at church about our visit. He told that after we'd left he took his dog for a walk to see where the church is just so that it'd be easier to find the next morning. then he told us about his experience with the Book of Mormon. He told us how he'd read the first three chapters already and that a verse he'd read had touched him a lot. After describing it a bit I identified it as the famous 1 Nephi 3:7. I was impressed with his understanding and he said that he'd tried applying the scripture in his own life. As is was Fast and Testimony meeting we were able to hear many testimonies from the members that all seemed perfect for Felipe. We passed by his house yesterday evening and he told us how he'd been anxiously waiting for our visit all day after he'd come home from church. After teaching about faith we marked a date for his baptism on the 20th of March which he accepted.

Élder Reis (my trainee 'son') and Élder R. Silva (Élder Reis' trainee/my 'grandson'!)

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