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Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 82

This week the whole city was all decked out in preparation for Easter:

Georgia progressed quite a bit as far as her Family History goes. She was able to get a lot of information from her mom about her relatives and ancestors that have already passed away. Then on Sunday both her and Lucas were interviewed for their first temple recommend! They'll be going on the 9th of April.

Last Sunday one of the members here had brought one of his friends to church named Jair. We visited him and got to know his family throughout the week. He told us how he'd been waiting anxiously for our arrival from Sunday when I'd marked our visit until Tuesday when we passed by his house. He loved the church and when he left Sunday afternoon he called up his wife and told her all about it, lamenting that she hadn't been there with him. She then told him that she wants to go with him the next opportunity. We had a very spiritual lesson with them and they told us how they've been wanting to get married for quite some time now. And the best part is that they have lots of kids!

Eduardo was another young man that we visited. He and his dad were quite interested in our message as it was different than any other. They go to the catholic church but as the dad, Ginésio, and his wife have already been married and divorced before they can´t get re-married to each other in the catholic church. When they told us that, their son Eduardo turned to them and said, "but if their message is true, then your marriage doesn't even count, and you will be able to get married to each other for eternity!" We were impressed with his grasp of everything we'd taught and later we noticed that literally every thing we said, he memorized. During our first visit he'd asked, "Why isn´t there a living prophet now?" and after our message, "What must I do to know if it's all true?" When we'd returned another day we were surprised with Ginésio told us how he'd read the chapter in the Book of Mormon that we'd marked 3 times! He told us how he really hates reading, and usually in the church he is asked to read passages from the Bible which he doesn't understand a lot. Yet when he reads the Book of Mormon he can't stop. When we read with him, we got to the end of a chapter and he wanted to continue reading, even though we had to leave for our next appointment. He told us that he believes it's a true book. Then Eduardo asked us what has to be done to have the priesthood and was surprised when the answer wasn't 5 years of training or class.

We met a very cool couple this week, Felipe & Lilian. They are both 19 and work and study quite a bit. When we returned the second time they had read the part we'd left with them and were very excited for us to come back. They introduced us to Lilian's sister and her husband, Alfredo & Stefani, who live behind their house. The 4 are very interested in our message and as it turns out, Alfredo had already been visited many times by the missionaries in the past, but hadn't been able to go to church because of work. When we read 3 Nephi 27 with him he was struck by verse 8 that talks about the name of the church of Jesus Christ.

On Thursday we had a great family activity at the church. We first did a treasure hunt lead on by scriptures, and afterward a few other activities that the youth enjoyed.

This is a funny house we saw as we knocked on some doors:

Georgia gave us some awesome sweet bread that she designed and made in the bakery that she works at!

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