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Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 81

This week was a test of our faith. Although we were able to contact many people and teach many lessons, we didn't find lots of investigators with potential. Many times we returned the next day at the time we'd agreed on to find no one at home. When we found someone at home they hadn't done what we'd invited them to do (pray, read the Book of Mormon, ect.). Consequently, there were few that came to church on Sunday.

We found one woman that had been passing through quite a bit of problems named Simone. She'd just come out of a separation from her husband, was trying to sustain herself and kids, and was trying to get the care of her kids through the court system. When we taught her for the first time she got quite emotional, and when we returned the next day when we asked her if she had any questions she said, "No, I just want to listen to what you guys have to say." She always gives us her full attention and told us how she'd had a dream about what we'd taught her (after we'd taught her the Restoration). On the third visit we met her daughter Eliza, who begged to be able to say the closing prayer. When she said it, she asked that she be able to stay with her mom and that they be able to go to church.

Georgia was confirmed a member this Sunday and was happy as all get out. This week we taught her about temples, family history work, and the Priesthood. She ate it all up and asked many good questions. It seems like she's been a member for years already.

Lucas helped us out quite a bit this week by accompanying us 3 entire days. After every day he always asked us, "When will I accompany you guys next?" One day he told us, "Well, whether you want my help or not, I'm coming with you guys anyways! Where do you want to meet up tomorrow?" He's awesome.

Lucas trying out my nametag for size

From Friday to Sunday it was super foggy with occasional rain. Saturday morning we helped Filipe, one of the counselors that helps us out a ton, move from his rented house to a house that he'd just finished.

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